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Who is SeniorTechTutor?

"I have had the pleasure of having Barry Gordon do work on our computers on several occasions. Computer problems are very frustrating and annoying to me, but Barry handles them all with a smile. He has worked on both small and large jobs for us. In addition, Barry has numerous suggestions and tips for working more effectively on your computer or smart phone. Barry is friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, efficient, and effective. His professional fees are very reasonable.  Barry knows his limitations. If he gets to a point that is beyond his capabilities, he will let you know instead of spending fruitless hours. All in all, Barry is not only a good and helpful computer tech and trainer, but he is patient. If you need training or service on your computers, I strongly recommend Barry Gordon" --Joel Burcat

Barry Gordon has been an excellent tech support for me: computers, printers, I Pad, and TV.  He responds quickly and walks me through effectively using my devices. --Darla

"Barry Gordon was very helpful and able to solve my internet problem. I highly recommend Senior Tech Tutor."
Elaine S.

An "active senior" would be a great way to describe myself. I was raised in Harrisburg and graduated from Central Dauphin High School. I am also a graduate of Temple University with a degree in Radio,TV and Film. While my hobby has always been learning about technology, my vocation moved me into the “family business.”

I was co-owner of Quality Cleaners, Inc. for over 35 years. I recently retired from the everyday supervisory role.  I am so excited to help those of you who have the latest and greatest phones, tablets, computers, but are not comfortable in programming this equipment for your individual use.

What better way to learn than to have a tutor come to your home or office?

Why not call me and have it programmed to your specifications?  

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